Building financial resources for ministry


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 Investment and Asset Management

Our investment advisory and asset management operation is available to churches, groups, and agencies seeking a way to have invested and endowed assets managed in accordance to the guidelines outlined in the United Methodist Book of Discipline. The Mid-Atlantic Foundation does not contemplate self economic gain or profit from our work and ministry. Profits from managing client assets are directly reinvested for the betterment of The United Methodist Church and the Churches for whom we manage assets.

We understand that each client is different with varying needs  and issues. So the Foundation provides several types of accounts:

·“Regular “Accounts $10,000 to $140,000 form the foundation of many of our initial or smaller churches ’ accounts.
·Five allocation choices.
·Quarterly  statements
·“Custom” Accounts   $150,000 and up  form the foundation of our larger investment accounts and most Endowments.
·Many allocation choices
·Monthly statements
"On line" Viewing Access 
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